Tyzen Master Hypnotist

Who is this man? Tyzen is a Comedy Hypnotist/Magician who is very quickly making his way to top with his hilarious and unique show. He has a background in the performing arts of over 20 years. With this experience he delivers one of the smoothest and electrifying comedy performances out there. Armed with a plethora of guidance he simply honed his skills in to what is now the most HILARIOUS SHOW EVER! He has been honing this comedy hypnosis for over 18 years now. His continuing ability to be fresh and responsive combined with a contagious sense of humor and an innate talent has quickly catapulted him to star status.

Currently, Tyzen resides in Las Vegas, NV and has his own Showroom in Reno, NV with Harrah’s Casinos.

Event Info

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