Sea Lion Splash Show

Back by Popular Demand!

The I-X Indoor Amusement Park is excited to have the adorable marine mammals back for another year. Stop by one of their shows to watch them perform! Make sure to get there early to get a seat!

The Sea Lion Splash Show is back for another year! Sea Lion Splash is an exciting and one of a kind traveling sea lion exhibit. Squalus Inc. was first established when Marco Peters began adopting and providing a home for sea lions who were unable to survive in the wild because of sickness, ago or injuries. Marco’s passion for sea lions led him to educate the public on the need to coexist with these special marine mammals in harmony. Thus, began the journey of the Sea Lion Splash.

Fun Sea Lion Facts

  • Belong to the order of sea mammals called Pinnipedia, a Latin word meaning “fin foot” or “wing foot”.
  • Are amphibious animals meaning they are adapted to life both in water and on land.
  • Can swim at speeds of 11 to 24 miles per hour and are able to stay submerged for 10 – 15 minutes at a time. They can dive to depths up to 1,300 feet.
  • On land use their back flippers to walk, climb or even gallop, which enables them to move surprisingly fast.
  • Balance a ball utilizing their whiskers and not their nose.
  • Have a coat of course outer hairs, called Guard Hairs which appear brown when dry and help to keep the sea lion warm. When wet, the fur flattens to give a sleek dark colored coat.
  • Nap during the day and at night and can sleep both in or out of the water

Event Info

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