Thank you to all of our great entertainment! Beach Street wouldn’t be the same without you!

Amazing Giants

The Amazing Giants are well known for the passion they display with a talented team and creative entertainment activities. They’ll be on site showcasing their talents including their aerial stunt show, stilt walking and much more. Come out and welcome them to their first Amusement Park appearance all month long. They will be performing daily on the Beach Street Stage!

Location: Beach Street Aerial Stage
Showtimes: 2:30pm; 8:30pm
*Please note: showtimes are 4:30pm and 8:30pm on 3/23, 4/12, 4/13

Adventures in Neverland

Join Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on an exciting adventure to learn what it’s like living in Neverland. It’s all fun and games, but keep a sharp eye out for the notorious pirate, Captain Hook. Hangout with your favorite Neverland characters on the Beach Street Stage April 14th – 15th, 2018!

Location: Beach Street Stage
Showtimes: 12:30pm
Meet n’ Greet: 1:00pm
*Please note: The Adventure in Neverland Show will only be performing on 4/14-4/15

Gossamer Magic

Peter Gossamer is world renown for his electrifying performance of magic, dance and theater. He is considered a pioneer in magic because of his original concepts and fresh approach to the art of illusion. He is originally from Medina, Ohio and has performed all over the world. Gossamer is one of the most memorable celebrities in magic with a charismatic personality that makes him deservedly popular wherever he appears!

Location: Beach Street Stage
Showtimes: 3:00pm; 6:00pm; 8:00pm
*Please note: Showtimes are 6:00pm and 8:00pm on 3/23, 4/12, 4/13

Jungle Terry

A favorite with all ages, especially little ones, Jungle Terry brings his animal friends to the Park! Since 1990, Terry and his family have been raising animals and reptiles to entertain and educate families around Ohio. He will be performing on the Beach Street Stage daily.

Location: Beach Street Stage
Showtimes: 2:00pm; 5:30pm
*Please note: Showtimes are 3:30pm and 5:30pm on 3/23, 4/12, 4/13

Junior Superhero Academy

Join us March 24th and March 25th for the Junior Superhero Academy. The Junior Superhero Academy will bring out the little one’s inner heroism!

Location: Beach Street Stage
Showtimes: Stage Show: 12:30pm
Meet n’Greet: 1:00pm
*Please note: The Junior Superhero Academy will only be performing 3/24 – 3/25

Roberto the Magnificent

When Roberto the Magnificent explodes onto the stage be ready for an action-packed performance that highlights his unique variety of cirque-style skills that include riding very tall unicycles and industrial strength pogo sticks, juggling super sharp knives and flaming torches and spinning hand saws, all while keeping the audience engaged and laughing.

Location: Beach Street Stage
Showtimes: 1:30pm; 5:00pm
*Please note: Showtime is 5:00pm on 3/23, 4/12, 4/13

Scholastic Dino Show

The world’s oldest creatures find their newest friends at the Scholastic Dino Show, in an immersive educational experience where children learn about prehistoric times, April 7 – 8, 2018! 

Location: Beach Street Stage
Showtime: 12:30pm
*Please note: The Scholastic Dino Show will only be performed 4/7-4/8

Sea Lion Splash Show

The Sea Lion Splash Show is back for another year! Sea Lion Splash is an exciting and one of a kind traveling sea lion exhibit. Squalus Inc. was first established when Marco Peters began adopting and providing a home for sea lions who were unable to survive in the wild because of sickness, ago or injuries. Marco’s passion for sea lions led him to educate the public on the need to coexist with these special marine mammals in harmony. Thus, began the journey of the Sea Lion Splash.

Location: Sea Lion Theatre
Showtimes: 12:00pm; 4:00pm; 7:00pm
*Please note: Showtimes are 4:00pm and 7:00pm on 3/23, 4/12, 4/13






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