The perfect place to bring the little ones! Lots of rides that are just their size, and a few for moms and dads to ride along on too! Go way, way up on the I-X Center Giant Ferris Wheel and look for airplanes, then get back on the ground and go for a drive on the Dragon Wagon. If you’re in the mood to race, get the family together on the 3-lane Giant Slide! Kids that love to spin will love the Bear Affair. And don’t miss the petting zoo, with lots of cute critters looking for attention!


Ride Name

Height Requirement

Alien Adventure / Helicopter 36″ – 56″ To Ride Alone (30″-36″ W/ Resp Person)
Barrel of Fun 42″ To Ride Alone (30″ – 42″ W / Resp Person)
Bug N Around 30″ – 48″ To Ride
Bulgy the Whale 24″ To Ride (48″ Max)
Charlie Chopper 36″ To Ride
Crazy Cabs 47″ To Ride Alone (36″ – 47″ W / Resp Person)
Dizzy Dogs 42″ To Ride Alone (36″ W / Resp Person)
Dragon Wagon 36″ – 56″ To Ride Alone (30″ – 36″ W/Resp Person)
Dune Buggy Hampton 30″ – 56″ To Ride
Durant Railway 32″ To Ride W / Resp Person (54″ Max)
Eli Wheel / Kiddie Wheel 36″ – 48″ To Ride
Flying Dragon 36″ – 54″ To Ride (32″-36″ W/ Resp Person)
Flying Elephants 24″ To Ride (54″ Max)
Frog Hopper  36″ To Ride
Fun Slide 48″ To Ride Alone (30″ – 47″ W / Resp Person)
Giant Ferris Wheel  48″ To Ride (Under 48″ W/ Resp Person)
Go Gator 36″ To Ride
Grand Carousel 24″ To Ride Alone
Quadzilla 36″ – 60″ To Ride (NO ADULTS)
Rabbit Racer 30″ – 48″ To Ride
Safari Bus 42″ To Ride Alone (30″-42″ W/Resp Person)
Scooter 48″ To Ride Alone (36″-48″ W/ Resp Person)
Street Racer 36″ – 54″ To Ride
Tubs of Fun 36″ To Ride Alone (30″-36″ W/Resp Person)
Tlt-A-Whirl 46″ To Ride Alone (36″ W/ Resp Person)
Wacky Worm / Apple 30″ – 48″ To Ride
YoYo 42″ to Ride


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Hours of Operation

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