Frequently Asked Questions

Family-Friendly Admission Policy
After 5:00 pm, everyone under the age of 18 is required to be accompanied by a parent or parental chaperone to enter the Amusement Park. Proof of ID required.
We reserve the right to implement the policy earlier at the discretion of security personnel and I-X Center staff.

How much are tickets?  Ticket information for the 2020 I-X Indoor Amusement Park can be found HERE. Everyone must have a ticket, except children 3 and under.

Where can I purchase tickets to the Amusement Park? You can purchase tickets online, by clicking HERE. Discount tickets and the Family Fun Pack (four tickets and a parking pass) can be purchased at select Discount Drug Mart store locations. 

How much is parking? Parking is $10.

Are wheelchairs or strollers available? Standard non-motorized wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at no charge. A photo ID must be left with the attendant to secure return. There are no strollers or wagons available to rent; however, you may bring your own.

What kind of food do you have available? For your convenience, we have numerous concession stands and impromptu bistros which carry a variety of food items including hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, deli sandwiches, salads, french fries, pretzels, assorted snacks, and more. No outside food or beverages are allowed in the I-X Center.

Is there an ATM available? Yes, there are ATMs available in both the East and West lobbies.

Do we offer shuttle service? The I-X Center does not offer shuttle service; however, if you are a patron at some of the surrounding hotels, they may have shuttle service available to the I-X Center.

Can you use a credit card or personal check to purchase tickets? We do not accept personal checks; however, major credit cards are accepted at most shows.

Do you have a paging system? The I-X Center does not have a paging system. Please designate a meeting spot and departure time prior to entering.

Are backpacks or large bags allowed inside the park? No, there are no backpacks or large bags allowed inside the park. All bags and purses are subject to search. Hand held diaper bags or bags that are part of a stroller are allowed but are subject to search.  A backpack that is used as a diaper bag will not be allowed.

Can I get my hand stamped so I can leave the building and return the same day? Yes, you may get your hand stamped and re-enter the Park; however, if you leave the parking lot you will have to repay for parking. There are no in and out privileges for the parking lot. Re-entry hand stamps will not be issued to children under 18 unless accompanied by an adult or guardian. This pertains to in-out privileges only, not admission into Park.

Is there a Dress Code? Proper clothing attire must be worn at the park including: shirts, pants and shoes. No person wearing clothing with vulgar images or wording will be allowed into the park and no gang attire is allowed.

Is there a lost and found? During the show, all found items are taken to the Show Office. After the show, all items are taken to Customer Service who can be reached at 216-265-2500. The I-X Center is not responsible for lost or broken items. Please secure your valuables at all times.

Is there a first-aid station? Yes, one in each lobby and staffed by paramedics from area hospitals for all events.

Calendar of Events

Be amazed, laugh and learn during one of our daily shows happening every half hour! Click here for info.

Hours of Operation

Be sure to check out our hours before arriving at the park, dates and times may vary. Click here for more info.


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